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As the Crow Flies


I’m Terrance Jackson, owner of As the Crow Flies Aerial and FAA-licensed drone pilot. I grew up in Western Kentucky.  In the summers, starting when I was just 13 years old, I would ride my bike before dawn to a local farm.  I worked long, hard days picking tomatoes and strawberries to earn some spending money.  It was then that I started to develop my strong work ethic and learn the value of a dollar and the hard work that goes into it.  I saw firsthand how hard the farm owner worked and how important it was to have healthy crops that produced well.   


Fast forward a few decades, and I’m currently a firefighter/paramedic with a unique schedule that affords me the ability to pursue other passions.  I bought my first drone in 2015, because I had been reading about them and thought the technology was amazing and it would be fun to learn how to use them.  Several drones, lots of training, practice and an FAA certification later, and I’m ready to combine two passions. 


I have been following the evolution of drone technologies and applications over the years.  I have been studying and am particularly interested in how to use drone technology and multispectral imaging to help farmers with precision farming techniques and golf course grounds keepers with precision grounds maintenance. I’m passionate about using drone technology to save farmers, producers and grounds keepers valuable resources like water, fertilizer, seed, time and of course, cash, and help make them more successful and efficient in their endeavors. 

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